You taste like a river in june

All I wanna do when I say hi is kiss you. All I wanna do is kiss you and gently bite your neck while we’re in the bathroom line at Ade’s house pretending not being together but being together. I wanna smell your hair and give you tickles in the head and hear you moan a little bit before you say one more time how much you love this because it’s so good. And then you say my name because you don’t understand how we feel so right and be so wrong and a butterfly wakes up inside me because I love when you say my name while you moan for something I’m doing and I love how it sounds on your voice; how the rythm of every letter next to each other fleets of your tender lips, the same lips I wanna softly bite when you open your door and I say hi.


Acerca de Mónica Gómez Vesga



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